Can You Do a Chin Implant on a Genioplast Chin?

I recently got a genioplasty done this August. I was wondering if i could also do a chin implant on it since i am not happy with the results. thanks for your time

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Chin implant after genioplasty

It is certainly possible to have a chin implant placed after a genioplasty.  The chin implant can be designed to give more width if needed

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Implant after Genioplasty

It is indeed possible to have a chin implant after a genioplasty (osteotomy).  An implant can provide one or more of several dimensional changes - length, width, and general shape.  Glad to help...RAS 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Genioplasty revision

A   Chin implant can be done after a genioplasty however it is not that straight forward. Depending on the degree of advancement, the platform for placing and stabilizing the implant can be limited. Furthermore genioplasty advancements are fixated with hardware  which needs to be taken into consideration as well as access through the mouth which is common with sliding genioplasty or from under the chin which is my preferred way to place implants. I would suggest a conforming implant which will better seat over contour deformities and be sure it is fixated


Arthur N. Falk, MD
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Implant After A Genioplasty

You can combine a chin implant at the time of a chin osteotomy or have it done separately. That is not a problem either way. Often times the osteotomy movement is just not enough in more severe horizontal chin deficiencies and an implant is needed in addition to the horizontal projection achieved by the bony chin movement. A chin implant can also be used to make the chin wider or more square which is difficult to achieve by an advancing osteotomy which can make the chin more narrow in width as it comes forward.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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