Chin Implant Discomfort Years After Operation, Is This Normal?

Along with the rhinoplasty procedure, I also had a chin implant 3 and a half years ago in the summer of 2008 and all was fine but as of lately my chin has been getting sore for a couple days then the paint completely disappears then a couple months later will get sore again. Is this normal? Am I sleeping on my chin wrong and causing this to happen? The soreness is nothing too serious and only last a couple days then its back to normal.

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Chin implant

Chin augmentation via chin implant is typically a simple procedure with a quick recovery time. While there is some discomfort in the beginning most patients forget they even have an implant in within a few months or so post surgery. Perhaps you are placing some pressure in that area from sleeping position, telephone, resting on your hand, or something that is irritating the area. If your surgeon is in your area next time you are experiencing a painful episode I would suggest scheduling an appointment and going in for a post operative appointment for further diagnosis. Best regards!

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