Chin Implant and Range of Motion 4 Weeks Post op?

I had a chin implant with intraoral incision 4 weeks ago. Numbness and tingling feeling is improving although still present. I'm concerned about the range of motion in my lower lip and chin. I still can't pull my lip up, like if you want to rub your lips together after applying lipstick or ointment. My bottom teeth don't show much either. Will this "range of motion" return to normal?? How long does total healing take? I'm beginning to get scared!

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Lower Lip Movement Recovery After Chun Augmentation

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It is not rare after having a chin implant to have a lower lip that feels and moves differently for a period of time. This is more apparent if the chin implant was placed through the mouth rather than under the chin. This issues should resolve completely by three months after surgery. I would regularly exercise the ower lip by puckering and lower lip retraction exercises.

Movement of the Lower Lip 1 Month After a Chin Implant Was Placed

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There is always some swelling present 1 month after placement of a chin implant. In some people the swelling can still be fairly bad, even at 1 month. If there is still a fair bit of swelling present, then I would expect you to have decreased motion, even this long after surgery. If this is the case (and it likely is) then the range of motion will return to normal, but may take another 1-2 months for this to occur. The only other possibility I can think of would be if you had weakness of the muscles that move the bottom lip equally on both sides, which would be very, very, very unlikely. Have your surgeon take a quick look to make sure that the lip is moving normally and that all you have is some residual swelling. Good Luck.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
Greenwood Village Facial Plastic Surgeon
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