Chin Implant 2 Days Ago, Can It Feel It Under Neck?

I can feel the implant from the front of my chin all the way down to the incision. I also can't really feel the wings but I feel something hard underneath my neck. Is this swelling or is the implant too low? I also have no numbness anywhere.

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Don't worry

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welcome back, I recognize your username. It looks like you finally went through the surgery. A lot of what you feel where the incision is just under your chin is probably sutures that are buried in order to give the wound strength. And not being able to feel the wings of the implant this point is not unusual because you should be pretty swollen. Ideally, at some point in the future you should really be able to feel the wings at all anyhow. Don't worry it's very early. Just express your concerns to your surgeon and if they say that you're fine and just the patient they're not blowing you off it's just that you most likely find and you need to be patient. You get a great just keep doing what you're supposed to do and follow your aftercare instructions.

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Chin Implant 2 days postop

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If you are only 2 days out from your chin implant surgery you can expect some unusual feelings.  The actual implant is in front of the chin and may wrap around the sides but is still in front of the bone.  You may have stitches under the chin as well as swelling where access was made to place the implant.  These are normal.  As the swelling subsides it will feel less "tight".  Having no numbness is a good thing.

Randy Proffitt, MD
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