Chin Implant 3 Days Ago and Left Size is Much More Swollen and Painful?

I had chin implant and rhinoplasty 3 days ago. I'm worried the medpor chin implant is not sitting correctly even tho the surgeon screwed it in. My left side is very swollen and painful compared toy right side. Could it be an infection, extra fluid or is this normal???

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Swelling following chin implant

Asymmetric swelling is not uncommon following a chin augmentation, but I would recommend following up with your surgeon as soon as you can so he or she can assure you are healing properly and there is no infection present. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your healing. 

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Swelling after Chin implant

hello Kitty

you want to make sure you follow up very closely with your surgeon in this instance. Asymmetric swelling and pain is not that unusual after chin implant, however, you really need to have your surgeon take a look. Infections are infrequent but they do happen and if it is suspected that you have a chin implant that is infected than it does need to be removed. Please contact your surgeon right away to have them take a look. If they say you can't be worked into the schedule that's not acceptable they need to take a look at you. I've been fortunate to only have to remove one chin implant for suspected infection and I saw that patient right away over the weekend. After we took it out examination and cultures revealed a sterile fluid collection but both the patient and I felt much better about the situation knowing that it is removed and she could go on healing without any permanent damage from a potential infection.

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