Is it Possible to have Chin Implant Correction to Make Implant Less Pointy? (photo)

After a chin implant I have a stronger chin than I would like. From the front, it looks 1/2 centimeter too long, too pointy, and pulls my face down. My mouth looks much smaller, as if it’s sucked inward into the middle of my face. My bottom lip no longer rolls out and from the side my chin protrudes more than my bottom lip. It also hangs down instead of going straight across. There’s excess at the tip of my chin, and when I push it up, my chin doesn’t hang down and my bottom lip rolls out.

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Chin implant can be corrected

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There are many different chin implants that will provide different aesthetic results. With that said if they are not placed in properly or or are the wrong size and type then you can have the complaints you are discussing above. I would speak with your surgeon and voice your concerns and come up with a plan to give you a better aesthetic result both profile and frontal. Best regards!

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Chin Implant Revision Options

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Chin implants can be easily exchanged or modified. The real question is whether a different implant offers the best solution or whether reshaping the implant you have is better. What you have probably learned from your initial chin implant is that it has caused more undesireable shape changes than simply being too big. (although that is a big part of it) Its influence on your chin shape is also due to its position on the bone and what shape your current implant style is. These all go into consideration of what type of chin implant revision by which you would be best served.

Replacing Chin Implant

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You have given multiple reasons why you don't like your chin Implant. The size, projection, and contour of the implant can be changed. Consult with your surgeon.

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Pointy chin implant

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Your photos look as though you have an extended chin implant considerably too large for your face. It would create the problems you describe.

Yes, implants can be exchanged to smaller ones. How easily and well depends on -

  • how you looked before surgery
  • the look you want
  • the type and size of implant used
  • whether you also have malalignment of the upper and lower jaws.

I suggest you return to your surgeon for his/her opinion and get at least one second opinion with a Board certified plastic surgeon. I'm sorry you have a disappointing result. Good luck.

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