Can a Chin Implant Correct an Underbite?

Title says it all. Thanks in advance!

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Chin implant will not correct under-bite

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An underbite can only be corrected with either orthodontic braces or a mandibular surgery.  The chin implant is purely a cosmetic augmentation of the chin.

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Chin Implant - No Effect on Malocculsion

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The quick answer is : No, a chin augmentation does not change the way your teeth come together and will not correct an underbite or other type of malocclusion. You can however move one or both of your jawbones to correct your problem. My recommendation is to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Craniofacial Surgery or an Oral Surgeon.

Chin implant and your teeth

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A chin implant will have no effect on the position of your teeth.  If you are trying to address both a weak chin and a malocclusion (your teeth not fitting together properly), you need to consider having jaw surgery.  I'd recommend visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon with subspecialty training in craniofacial surgery for a consultation and come up with the options that best work for you.

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