Chin Implant Pain and Numbness

I had a chin implant put in but had a lot of numbness, pain and muscle contractions that remained. They took the implant out a year later and it was even worse, the pain and muscle contractions were really bad. I've got lots of scar tissue inside my mouth from the incisions too. Can anything be done about the pain? Botox helped with the contractions but Gabapenton hasn't helped yet. The surgeon gave me back some money and said nothing could be done. Also my lower lip hangs down now and only my bottom teeth show when my mouth is relaxed.


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Chin implant pain

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Unfortunately, some times placing an implant can result in postoperative pain of a prolonged duration. It may also result in some loss of sensitivity and affect movement of the mentalis or overlying chin muscles. The best way to deal with it is botox injections to lessen the contractions. Another possibility is neurontin which helps with neuroanalgesia. Finally, mental nerve blocks with kenalog and marcaine are a possibility too.

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