After Chin Implant, Is This Chronic Infection - or Skin Infection?

About 6 months ago I had a medpor chin implant procedure performed via oral incision. The first 2 weeks were fine however it soon became infected with draining under my chin and from my mouth. Antibiotics were prescribed which lessened the infection but could not remove it. The area under my chin was then cut out to remove the skin infection. This then healed fine however have been on Augmention DuoForte x3 the last 4 months as there is still some more recurring draining of puss/blood. What's going on?

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Infected chin implant

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From the pictures provided, this is a chin implant infection. The implant should be removed, pocket cultured and proper antibiotics. In my practice and personal opinion IV antibiotics after removal, then switch to oral antibiotics. Antibiotics will not work without removing the chin implant ( foriegn body). See your surgeon immediately.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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