Chin Implant or Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

In the last year, my cheeks have been thinning and getting looser which resulted in sagging cheeks (with one side sagging more than the other) and fat sagging beneath my jaw. I'm in my late teens and I feel too young for this to be happening. My cheeks hang and aren't connected that much to the corner of my mouths.( See *duck face photo) It causes a lot of discomfort for me. I wanna have cheeks that go in harmony with the rest of my face.What procedure can help me do that?

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Cheek lift versus chin implant

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First, you are young to have any major invasive procedures.  It is hard to tell exactly what you need from the photographs.  If indeed you need volume, than I would recommend fat grafting.  In order to determine if you need a chin implant I need a more accurate side profile.  There is no substitute for a good physical examination.  Visit with her local plastic surgeon.

Cheek lift and sculpting

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Dear Yasmin78,

  • You are pretty young, and to reduce the volume in the cheek like the 3rd picture, you could remove the buccal (cheek) fat
  • In addition, I would do fat grafting in other parts of the cheek to make everything more in proportion
  • It is hard to say for sure, a physical exam with an open and honest discussion would help you...I think it may be too early to operate on you

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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