How Will a Chin Implant Change my Front Profile?

Left and mid photo unaltered. Photo on the right is the desired look. Is my expectation realistic? Or am I asking for too much chin? How will a chin implant change my front profile? Will my chin look pointy? Wider? Longer? Will the addition of a chin implant make the overall shape of my face look less round? Do most surgeons provide photographic examples of their work during a consultation? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Update: Photo added.

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Chin implant

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Unfortunately, I could not view your photos. Don't know if they were posted or not. Thereare different shape, size and brands of chin implants to accomodate improving the appearances and balance of a given face. If a  patient is interested in changing a "round face" into an "oval face", an implant with high height and relatively short "lateral wing" would do the job. Your plastic surgeon can assist you to choose the most suitable implant for you.  

Chin implants achieve that rejuvenated look from the front, too

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Chin implants provide an obvious improvement in a patient’s profile from a side view. This helps balance the face if one has a weak chin. What is less known is that a chin implant can also improve the view from a front view, especially in patients with deepened pre-jowl sulcus. A smoother jawline can be achieved with chin implants. In addition, chin augmentation can help to tighten extra skin along the jawline providing a more rejuvenated look. Chin implants are well known for their improvement in the profile and the profile side view but they also do provide benefits from the front view. 

Mark Hamilton, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implants Are Customized

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Hi Zombie,  

I could not view your photos, but I can tell you that what you expect needs to be clearly discussed with your surgeon.  The concern is always that a patient may want too much from a fairly simple operation.  That being said, a chin implant can make quite a large difference in one's appearance.  

When I discuss this operation with patients, I am sure to indicate what I think is a reasonable expectation for their chin, in my hands.  None of the other surgeons on this board (unless one of them is YOUR surgeon) can tell you what your surgeon can accomplish.  Just make sure you have been clear in your conversations and that your surgeon is comfortable with what you are hoping to achieve.

Paul K. Holden, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon
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