Chin Implant Bigger on One Side? (photo)

Hi! I did a chin implant 8 weeks ago. My chin implant is much bigger on the right side then the left, which making my right side looking like there is an golf ball in there. Can this be swelling or maybe something else? This is a 8mm silicone implant with wings. Ive been in contact with the clinic but they just telling me to wait 3 months. This is really frustrating. Thank you!

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2 Months after Chin Implant and Asymmetry Concerns

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   If there is a great discrepancy between right and left sides then this may be more than swelling.  I cannot determine from your pictures what is going on as there are not enough views.  A physical exam would sort this out in a couple of seconds.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Chin Implant Asymmetry at 8 Weeks After Surgery

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While it does take up to 3 months after any facial implant to see the final result, major differences in symmetry at 8 weeks suggest that there may be an issue. Subtle differences at 8 weeks is one thing but really visible differences suggest that there is some type of implant asymmetry/malposition. You should return to your surgeon earlier than 3 months for follow-up and an evaluation of your concerns.

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