Chin Implant Might Be to Big?

I had a cleft chin implant put in last week. The implant dimensions " 4.7 cm 1.3 cm 0.7 cm 1.0 cm 8.2 cm 0.5 cm. I feel maybe the implant might be too big, it gives off the appearance of a witch's chin. Please let me know from my before pictures, if this is swelling or just to big. projection is 7mm. I think the solution to this problem might be to fill in the top chin with filler, so things look flush ? Am open for solutions.

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Appearance One Week after Chin Implant

There is no "solution" for the appearance of your chin 1 week after placement of an implant other than be patient so you can evaluate the final result after the temporary swelling resolves. Hopefully, you will be satisfied. 

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At one week post-op, your chin implant will still be "too large" because of swelling.

Your photos are of minimal help in evaluating your chin, but thanks for trying. I believe I see a fairly retrusive chin that would benefit from a larger implant. The only dimension of importance is the additional projection achieved; the rest is just to "feather" the implant edges along your mandibular border.

At one week, you still have significant swelling, so I would encourage patience for now. Sleep with your head above heart level for a full three weeks (a sofa cushion under your mattress is a good way to do this) to help your body reabsorb swelling and allow gravity to drain it away from your face.

See how things look in a few weeks, but realize that it will take a few months to see your "final" result. Until then, you need no addition "solutions," and when/if you do, your surgeon can provide guidance along these lines. For 6 of my patients with chin implants, click on the link below. Best wishes!

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Way to early to tell

Chin implants always look huge one week after surgery.You have to wait atleast 2 months before you can make determinaation of the size. So be patient and you will most likely be rewarded.


Dr. Paul E. Chasan

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