Is It Possible to Use Chin Implant to Balance Asymmetrical Chin?

I have an slight asymmetry of the jaw about 5mm on the chin as well as the dentures.My doctors suggested to do chin surgery, to cut a part of the jaw bone,move the lower chin about 5mm to match the dentures correctly and fix the asymmetry. However, I would like to consider chin implants since this asymmetry does not cause major problem for chewing etc. but it is bothering me very much from outside, the chin slightly extends towards the right side. What are the options? Thanks in advance.

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Chin Implant to Balance Asymmetrical Chin

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Dental occlusion is a different problem than an asymmetrical chin. Orthodontics are frequently used to correct the dental problem. Either jaw surgery or a custom chin implant may improve the chin asymmetry. Depending on your particular needs, different combinations of these procedures are recommended.

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