Do I Need Chin Implant/augmentation?

I see that there is recession in my lower jaw. I heard that chin implant would correct this problem. Is the chin implant permanent? Is there risk for displacement?

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Chin implant candidate

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A chin implant would help with the chin recession. Implants are made of solid, permanent materials. There is a rare risk of displacement. Typically the implant pocket is made pretty small so that the implant doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Chin implants don't address tooth misalignment issues, but there are oral surgical procedures to address this concurrently. Another chin augmentation option is a sliding genioplasty. This involves moving your chin bone (teeth aren't invovled) forward and then plating it in the advanced position.

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Chin implant?

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The use of implants to augment the projection of the mental(chin) region is a procedure that should be done after an indepth clinical evaluation that should include an evaluation of your dentition and facial bones.  You should be evaluated for the presence or lack of a misalignment of your teeth and the correlation of mandibular shape to your maxillary region.  This might include a panorex exam, and a cat scan of your facial bones.  This will allow for the correct procedure to be performed for you, not only to allow for a better cosmetic appearance but also to improve any dentition issues.

Ernesto Hayn, MD
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