I just had a chin implant and liposuction under chin yesterday! My lower left lip feels like it's dead, Is this normal?

After chin augmentation 24hr ago, I still have NO ability to move my lower left lip but the rest of my face is fine and working! 

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Lower left lip not moving after chin implant and liposuction under chin

There is a nerve along the neck that supplies the movement to the lower lip and it is possible that this nerve was irritated or stretched during the placement of your chin implant and liposuction under your chin.  Most likely, this will resolve over time as the healing occurs.  I would mention this issue to your surgeon so that he or she can monitor your progress.  

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Early postoperative healing with chin implant and lipoma suction

more than likely this is a normal postoperative occurrence and your case.  However, there is no substitute for a physical exam so call your plastic surgeon and see them ASAP

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