Getting A Chin Implant, Will A Corset Platysmaplasty Add Definition To My Jaw Line? (photo)

I am 30 years old with a recessed chin and a poorly defined jawline. I've decided to move forward with chin augmentation -- silicon implant, inserted under the chin. My question is with respect to adding definition to my jawline. I met with a doctor who suggested a corset platysmaplasty to add more definition and enhance the effects of the chin implant. Are these two procedures commonly done together. Is this overkill for my specific facial profile and/or age? Or is this a good option?

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Chin implant with or without corset platysmaplasty

A corset platysmaplasty is usually reserved for people with very thick and heavy necks when a large amount of subplatysmal and submental fat has been removed.  The chin implant alone may give enough definition to the chin jaw line augmentation without need for a corset platysmaplasty.  In the heavy neck, a chin implant and neck lift are performed simultaneously to improve the total chin, jaw, and neckline definition.

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Add platysmaplasty to chin implantation?

Given your age and photograph you may not need a platysmaplasty. I suspect that the chin augmentation will do a lot to improve your jaw definition. It is possible that submental liposuction may be a better additional procedure to enhance the results as this should help refine the neck in that area by tightening the skin.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Corset platysmaplasty with chin implant

I personally think platysmaplasty at age 30, especially after looking at your photo, is unnessesary.  With the chin implant alone, you will get improvement in the definition.  A bit of submental liposuction can also help wtih definition mostly from contraction of the skin after elevating it with the liposuction.  That's my 2 cents...

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Corset Platysmaplasty

Your profile photo does not show a lot of need for a corset platysmaplasty.  I would need to see the action of the platysma muscle when it is tensed and how it looks from the front.  A corset platysmaplasty is very effective when needed.

The chin implant should be great addition to your profile.

Best Wishes

Dr.   Peterson

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Chin Implant and other procedures

Hello Chingirl,

You look a little young for the platymaplasty to go with the chin.   I'm a surgeon, I love surgery, but at your young age with good skin and tissue tone I think you'd do great with the chin implant and lipo under the chin and jawline.  Regular lipo or Smartlipo would work fine.  Smarlipo adds a little skin tightening by using a gentle laser during lipo.  In your case the act of doing lipo is not so much to remove fat but to cause the skin to tighten up on the undersurface of the skin.  This is going to augment with new chin and jawline created by your chin implant and it saves you from a more invasive surgical procedure.  The platysmaplasty is awesome but it's better used in patients who are older and have more platysma muscle laxity.  

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

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