Chin Implant After Radiesse?

I got a Radiesse chin augmentation in August. While my chin does look better, I still have grooves where my lower cheek fat meets my chin area. In other words, the Radiesse only really affected the center of my chin, and when I pointed this out, my doctor said Radiesse wasn't appropriate there. Are there any other nonsurgical solutions? If not, I want to get a chin implant, but do I have to wait until the Radiesse dissolves?

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Okay to have chin implant after Radiesse

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It is perfectly acceptable to proceed with a chin implant whether or not you have had Radiesse injections placed there. The chin implant is placed in the subperiosteal plane directly over the bone. It is usually performed through a submental incision underneath the side of the chin and can be done under a local anesthesia if the patient so desires. The Radiesse will not affect any potential results of the chin implant.

Chin augment

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Chin augment with radiesse is an art.requires a good understanding of the anatomy and the aging process.

You describe a line that could be the marionette line or the prejowle depression.. Each one has a different type of treatment. See a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY and discuss your concerns and options

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant for the groove where the cheek fat meets the chin

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Without the benefit of a photo, and an exam, I can not accurately respond to your question.  However, Radiesse can be injected into the fold you described.  Having said that, the number of syringes that might be required quickly gets to a price point where I think you are better off having an extended chin implant which would also address the groove you described.  A chin implant should correct your situation and will not have to be redone regularly as you would with a "filler". 

Marionette chin indentations may be helped by a chin implant or by a face lift.

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Marionette chin indentations may be helped by a chin implant or by a face lift.

I can't tell how deep and loose your marionette lines are. If they're shallow, a long chin implant might help. If they're deeper you need a face lift to corrrect them. Radiesse might do a little, but it would take a lot of Radiesse to fill it all up, and the result might not be permanent.

G. Gregory Gallico, III, MD, FACS
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G. Gregory Gallico III, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Radiesse® for “Marionette Lines”

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From your description (and it would have been nice to have a picture) of “grooves where [your] lower cheek fat meets [your] chin area,” it sounds like you are describing what are called “marionette lines.” These are the result of the descent of the cheek fat against the ligament beside the chin. You can improve these with either a facelift that pulls the cheek back up or by use of Radiesse® or other fillers. However, the filler must be placed under the groove in front of the most prominent area of the cheek. If done correctly, it can disguise these grooves very nicely. A chin implant will not correct this problem.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant

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Radiesse is not a chin augmentation, it is a filler.

Without seeing your photos, I am apeculating that you are referring to your labiomental creases and this is a good indication for radiesse, or other fillers.  Of course, this will required periodic injections whereas surgery is permanent.

Chin Implant After Radiesse

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You failed to post a photo so my guess is proceed to the chin implant as soon as you want to. Make sure you see many types of chin implants so you can chose the better one to fit your face. Best of luck. 

Chin Implant Following Radiesse Injection

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I have placed Radiesse along with a variety of other injectable fillers in the area you are referring to with nice results. This area that you describe that is still volume deficient is termed the prejowl. I have used Radiesse to augment this zone along with Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Artefill and fat transfer. Of course, injections in this particular area are considered off-label uses for these commercially available fillers. But many plastic surgeons use this technique with very predictable outcomes. If you are entertaining the idea of getting a chin implant, I would recommend waiting til the Radiesse has completely dissolved away. Good luck.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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