Chin Implant After Genioplasty to Make Face Longer?

I had a severe overbite and got it fixed by surgeon and orthodontist. However, I still wish my chin would look longer and have more volume. Also, my right joint has degenerated quite a bit and my face looks asymmetrical. So my question is, can chin implant be done on top of genioplasty to make my chin area longer? and can implants fix some asymmetry of the jaw near the joint area?

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Chin Implant After Sliding Genioplasty

Revision chin surgery after a sliding genioplasty has more risks than first time surgery. Dissection planes may not be as easily lifted. In addition, a sliding genioplasty often has hardware present (metal plates and screws) as well as an altered blood supply to the underlying structures. Infections are theoretically more likely.

Although the risks are higher, patients can have a chin implant after a sliding genioplasty. Make sure you see a qualified surgeon who has a lot of experience placing chin implants and working with the face.

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Chin implant after genioplasty

A chin implant can certainly be performed after a genioplasty.  The main goal of the chin implant is to give more projection to the chin.  A secondary goal of the chin implant is to give more vertical projection to the nose and length to the chin and there will also be a slight widening effect.  The implants will not fix anything related to the temporomandibular joint area.

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Chin and Mandibular Implants After Orthognathic Surgery

Chin implants can be added onto a bony genioplasty, either at the time of the initial surgery or as a secondary procedure later. I have done it both ways. However most chin implants are designed for horizontal projection only and not vertical lengthening.But there is one style of mandibular implant which is specifically for vertical elongation of the lower border of the mandible so this off-the-shelf implant can be used to lengthen the chin. Otherwise a custom chin implant has to be designed. Also, ramus or modified jaw angle implants can be used to correct volume deficiencies over the portion of the jaw near the joint area above the angle of the jaw.

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