Will a Chin Implant Affect my Smile?

I've seen many reviews about people saying their chin implants had made their smile different. I'm really worried because my bottom teeth already don't show that much when I smile, and a smaller smile would make me look like a gopher with only top teeth showing. What causes chin implants to alter smiles? Is it when they make a mistake, or only in certain people?

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Chin Implants do not change smiles

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Using the submental approach preserves the lower lip retractor muscles and does not alter the smile. This is my preferred method of Chin Implant surgery. It can be performed in about 1 hour.

Orlando Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Why a chin implant effects the smile

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There are many different reasons why this occurs.

Occasionally it is mechanical from the sheer physical size of the implant and effect on pushing up the lower lip.

Occasionally in the process of the placing the implant can dislodge a muscle that works the lower lip or can compromise a nerve that supplies the muscles of the lower lip.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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