What Can I Expect of Healing From Chin Implant Removal Through Mouth?

Had chin Aug on16-1-12. My Surgeon used 9mm porex 2 piece implant from inside the mouth. Since then the stitches have opened/loosened 3 times , my surgeon says the size of implant is big so its not keeping the stitches tightened.So she wants to remove it and put it from outside after 1 week. Im curious will the inside of my mouth heal within1 week? how long should I wait for to get it re-inserted. i came back to the UK to get it done and am here fro another 1 month. any suggestion appreciated.

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Remove and replace intraoral chin implant through submental incision

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I abandoned intraoral insertion of chin implants 25 years ago because of positioning and healing problems such as this. It may be more efficient  to attempt to  replace the implant at the same time it is removed if only one week 's healing is to take place.  However, if your surgeon has positive  experience with this one week  timetable, I woud defer to it . I would think it best to wait at least 3 , preferably 6, months to replace the implant  using  a submental  incision.

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