Chin fillers, chin implant, or corrective jaw surgery? (photo)

I am 22 and have a very weak chin and unappealing profile. I feel like this make my face look round, my nose look big and gives me no overall definition. I am 5'6 140 lbs and I feel that my my face makes me look larger than I really am. When I was younger I had braces to correct a moderate overbite (which seems corrected). Would I be a candidate for chin fillers, chin implant, or corrective jaw surgery?

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Chin implant for recessive chin profile

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If your dentition is adequate and you simply want to improve the chin profile from a cosmetic standpoint, then a chin implant is all that is required. Chin implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, are composed of Silastic, and are inserted through a sub mental approach under local anesthesia. For our photo gallery and more information, please see the link below

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Chin fillers, chin implant, or corrective jaw surgery?

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A chin implant may be the most reasonable option if your bite has been corrected. Fillers could be considered as well.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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