Chin Filler After Genioplasty? (photo)

Hello. I have one question. 6 months ago I had genioplasty and now I'm very unhappy with my one of my side profile. Life side is more longer than the right and I still thinking about it and search some info about chin fillers. My question is: Can I use any fillers after genioplasty? I want to correct only left side with fillers. Is it possible?

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Correction of Chin Asymmetry after Genioplasty

Inejctable fillers can certainly be used after a genioplasty to help improve asymmetry. There is no problem in doing so. You may want to look carefully by an x-ray to determine the cause of the asymmetry (bone vs. soft tissue) to determine if an injectable filler (synthetic vs. fat) is really the best long-term treatment for the problem.

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