If the Chin is Not Looking Right Can the Doctor Redo-it Again Right Away?

It seems the implant could have been put wrong incorrectly. Can the doctor fix it right away? Or must we wait some time? Does he need to put me to sleep or just numb me? Am I able to fly 3 days later on a 10hr flight?

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Chin Implant and Timing of Revision Work

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I would give your chin the opportunity to heal. It sounds like you are not that far out from your actual surgery. I would suggest waiting at least 3-4 months before making any concrete decisions about whether or not to pursue a revision chin implant procedure. One exception to this would be a grossly displaced implant that is obviously malpositioned this early on. In many cases, if the pocket was created properly, a local anesthesia can be used to revise or reposition a chin implant. I would probably avoid flying that far just 3 days out from surgery. I would recommend giving yourself a good 10-14 days before considering long distance travel. 

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