Should I Have Chin/cheek Liposuction?

I am overweight and my face looks slightly big due to my weight. I am going to have Vaser Hi Def done on my abdomens. If i were to have my abs done, will i look improportional (Face big and fit looking body)? My surgeon advised me to have a chin/cheek liposuction. I like to hear another opinion

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Chin Liposuction

That sounds like good advice, but you don’t need to have them done at the same time.  You could separate them by a month or so.  Or, you can just get them both done, and not have to heal a second time, and be off work, etc.  To know if you would look disproportionate, you would have to wait for several months.  Many of our patients go on to lose 20-30 lbs after lipo cases with the “jump start”.

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Chin/cheek liposuction

You photo attempt makes so I can not address the question concerning lipo upon your cheeks and chin. My guess is yes you can have laser liposuction but see additional doctors in person.

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