Silicone Chin Implant Hit Twice. Bruising, Hot, Numb; What To Do?

I accidentally hit my silicone chin implant 4 months post genioplasty, it was my first procedure, it healed well those past 4months, I bumped it with a medium 2hard force against a friend shoulder! iced right away,the next day I saw some bruising, hot & numb sensation, today the third day, bruising looks more purple, darker & the heat of the skin is still there!! I am looking forward to hearing some expert advices on what could have happened or be happening in the interior Thanks best regards

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When In Doubt - See your Surgeon !

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See your Plastic Surgeon - regarding trauma severe enough to cause bruising. It may be that you have a blood clot, hematoma, that may need to be removed. The fact that it is warm to the touch might even mean that it may be infected. All of these reasons are why you need to see your surgeon for an evaluation.

Trauma to chin post surgery

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Altho the chin is probably well healed and secure you may still have some trauma to the area.  The bruising (hematoma) and swelling could make the area feel warm, and numb.  Why not call your plastic surgeon and have him take a look just to reaasure you.  Good luck,

Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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