Will my Chin Go Back to Normal After I Have the Silicone Implant Removed?

Hi, i just got a silicon chin implant removed from my chin a week ago after 11 months in. im concerned if my chin will go back to looking normal the way it was and if i will get my natural smile back, it kind of styll looks the same as when the implant was in, i removed it because it was causing pain and i couldnt smile talk or eat the same.

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After removal of the implant you need to wait till all the swelling and the scar has softened .

Also the muscles that control the lower lip movement settle down. If there was an injury to the muscle or nerves that supply the muscles, some function may come back some may not

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Given the short amount of time that your implant was in, it is very likely that it will return closely to a facsimile of your preoperative appearance.

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