1 Month Post-Op Chin Augmentation Still Looks Swollen and Box Shaped, Normal?

Dear doctors, I just had my chin augmentation surgery a month ago. But, now I feel like there is a round shape of box under my chin when every time I talk or laugh. Friends said I look weird on my chin as they said my chin looks swollen and round. I can feel some discomfort on it. I do feel the itchiness too sometimes. I don't know is this normal?

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Swelling and Contour 1 Month Post Chin Implant

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All the symptoms you describe are possible 1 month after surgery, but usually not as severe as you describe. I suggest you consult with your surgeon to evaluate your concerns.

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Chin Augmentation Recovery

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The swelling after any facial implant always takes a lot longer to resolve and see the final result than most patients think. Chin implants are no exception. Chin implants can also affect for awhile how the lower lip and chin moves and it can appear initially unnatural. I would wait a full three months before assessing the final shape. If it still looks boxy at that time then it is likely that you have a chin implant size/style problem.

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