Chin Augmentation for Asymmetric Chins, What Are The Options?

I'm in my early thirties and noticed that one of my chins is flat compared to the other one (This maybe a result of losing a few teeth years ago). Now the difference between my cheeks are quite visible since there is ovbious sagging on the side with flat chin while the other side is better. My question is will chin implant always the same for both sides? What if the bone continues to flatten after implants? As far as fillers, I am worried it may not help with the sagging since it's bone problem

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Augmentation for asymmetric cheeks

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I believe your question is about your asymmetric CHEEKS. I can see in the picture that the right cheek is flat compared to the left side. Your choices are: an implant vs Injectable fillers. Fillers will work great as they can be placed deeply, near the bone to give a similar effect as a cheek implant. A filler such as Radiesse will work great for such problem.

I like the filler option as it will allow the surgeon to tailor the augmentation to your face. The cheek implants are pre-constructed and although they can be shaved or trimmed, they are more difficult to tailor. The down side of cheek implants in the fact that they are not permanent.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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