Chin Augmentation Numbness Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

I suffered facial trauma to my jaw and chin.I have had 3 surgeries for my jaw to correct the broken TMJ joint and shattered chin.For my third surgery I received lower jaw surgery and a chin implant.The chin implant was due to the dent that remained after healing.Since I had scarring that remained their my surgeon decided to access the area through an incision inside of my mouth/lower lip. It has been 4 weeks and I have complete numbness.Is this normal?It fills like anesthesia and pain.

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Lip numbness after chin implant

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Hi Drcpebbles,


That's a very complicated and unfortunate history.  With all you've had done to the jaw you are at increased risk for numbness. With regard to the lip numbnessit depends on whether or not we're talking about total lip and chin numbness or partial. For instance, is it just one half or just the outer third? Generally speaking numbness of the lips after chin implant should show improvement within one to two months. If the numbness of still present at this point as it is you it may be prolonged for is much as a year.  But it's very hard to tell or put an exact time on this.   the best thing free to do is to returned your surgeon and ask if there is something that can be done to accelerate this. If there's some suspicion that the implant is slightly now positioned or impinging on the nerve and it bothers you enough it may be best to remove the implant for now.

Best of luck,

Chase Lay, MD

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