Is Chin Augmentation with Fat Transfer Commonly Done Now?

My son went to see a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. THe surgeon recommended fat transfer. I think he is very comfortable with this technique for older patients, for filling defects. I would like to know if many plastic surgeons are now considering fat transplant for chin enlargement?

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If your son requires Rhinoplasty Surgery, he may consider a Chin Implant rather than Fat Transfer.

Silastic chin implants have a long track record of safety, and Chin Implant Surgery is commonly performed with nose job surgery. Inserting a chin implant adds around 30 minutes to the operation, and results tend to be predictable and permanent.

I have had good success with non-surgical chin augmentation using Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. But I still favor a silastic chin implant when chin augmentation is indicated in my rhinoplasty patients. I have no personal experience with fat grafting for chin augmentation.

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Rhinoplasty and Fat grafting to the Chin

Chin augmentation is commonly done with a rhinoplasty. I would typically utilize an implant in that for a chin implant is straightforward and predictable. Fat grafting to the chin is much less predictable for augmentation of the chin.

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