I need to know if I have to do Chin Augmentation or not; chin only or on my whole jaw? (photos)

i'm asking cause i think i have a little backward chin that's make my face appearance not regular even when i put a braces Since 2 years ago i noticed a little difference (the lower jaw go forward a little) but not enough and i'm still on braces until now.

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When Is Chin Augmentation Needed

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If you think that your chin is small or "weak" , a chin implant is usually the best treatment. If your teeth fit together well, you cannot have your jaw moved forward. Even if you move the lower jaw forward, the chin will still be small in relation to the lips.

Check your profile while you are smiling compared to when you are relaxed. If the chin still looks small when you are smiling you definitely will benefit from a chin implant.

Dallas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Chin Implant or entire jaw?

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You are definitely a chin implant candidate.  Usually you don't need the entire jaw unless you have bite problems like over or under bite.  I think you would have a nice result with silicone chin implant.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD
Cosmetic Facial Surgery
Richmond, Virginia

Joseph Niamtu, III, DMD
Richmond Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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