Chin and Nose Surgery to Feminise the Face? (photo)

I'm a girl that looks a lot like her dad! My chin seems to be overly large, bit protruded like a witch, and my nose long and large. Any idea how to correct these features to make me look more feminine?

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Nose and Chin Reduction

Because the nose and chin are the two center pieces of the face that protrude, surgery on both of them at the same time is frequently done to provide balance and harmony.  Also because there are many different ways to reduce the size/shape of both of them, you would have to schedule a consultation and submit to a direct physical exam.  After that a comprehensive surgical plan could be developed specifically for you.  Glad to help...RAS

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Rhinoplasty and Chin Reduction for Facial Feminization

Shortening and narrowing the chin can be done by bone removal and the nose can be narrowed, all changes that point to more feminine features. The key question is how effective they would be in you. You would need to submit more pictures from different angles and imaging needs to be done to see how this may potentially look on your face.

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Chin and nose surgery to feminize face

The rhinoplasty procedure typically involves hump removal, narrowing, refining, and feminizing the tip and overall making the nose smaller.  Osteotomies are performed to narrow the nasal bones, while suturing the tip cartilages creates refinement in the bulbous tip.  Deprojection of the mandible can be accomplished through a couple of methods.  The easiest method is to reduce the small amount of anterior projection by filing some bone down on the front part of the chin.  If a large amount of reduction is desired, mandibular osteotomies with removal of a portion of the bone would have to be performed, and the entire mandible set backwards.  This would have to be plated and is done by an oral surgeon to make sure that the teeth fit appropriately together.

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Be Careful with the Chin!

Your concerns are quite understandable and your awareness of the nose/chin combination is to be applauded.  Regarding your nose, a rhinoplasty to slightly turn up (shorten the nasal length) and narrow the tip would be nice.  Rotating the tip upward is key to your desired "feminization" of the face.  A bit of the excess projection above the tip would also be removed and this would help define the tip better.

The chin is a challenge as we know from experience that chin "reduction" ("reduction genioplasty") is not as predictable or gratifying as chin "augmentation".  The reason for this is that when bone is taken away, soft tissues over the chin can bunch up and lesson the observed reduction.  This can also be seen beneath the chin in the neck and make it look like weight gain in this area.  Having said this, you have an excellent jaw-chin relationship ("cervical-mental angle") and I don't think that the latter would be a problem. 

Good luck to you!  I think that you would be quite happy with these procedures

John Frodel, MD
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