Chin and/or Jaw Angle Implants for Specific Situation?

I am a 30 year old male who recently underwent a successful septorhinoplasty. I was interested in having a chin implant but decided not to do this concurrently with the rhino for budgetary reasons. I have a mild case of TMJ and an overbite that has been partially corrected through orthodontic treatment. What are the best options in this scenario to correct a weak chin and strengthen the law. Are both surgeries necessary?

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Chin implant

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Hello, and glad to hear you had a great result from your surgery! A chin implant yields a fantastic result, and will help correct a weak chin and greatly enhance the profile. Photos would really be necessary to provide you with the best advice. If your bite has been corrected and there is no issue with your mandible, a chin implant would be an option for you. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Chin Implant for Weak Chin after Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for posting this important question. Combining a rhinoplasty with a chin implant or other jaw augmentation and alignment procedures is a great way to achieve a dramatic but harmonious change in the profile. This can significantly improve the overall symmetry of the facial features. Without pictures or examining you in person, it is not possible to say if your would benefit more from jaw realignment (mandibular advancement) or implants. There are major differences, however, in the two procedures. Chin implants are straightforward and have minimal downtime. Jaw surgery, and implants at the angle of the mandible (gonial angle implants), have a longer recovery. A minimally-invasive option that I offer all of my patients before proceeding with implant is soft-tissue filler augmentation (e.g., with Radiesse). This gives you a chance to evaluate the change before committing to a more permanent procedure. Best of luck!

Computer Imaging To Determine Chin Implants vs Total Jawline Augmentation

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Whether you should have just a chin implant or do a total jawline enhancement including jaw angle implants depends on your goals and what your lower face looks like now. The best way to answer this question is to submit photos for computer imaging and see how each of these type of implants changes your facial appearance from different angles.

Chin implant/ jaw surgery following rhinoplasty

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It seems like your " weak chin" is due to a combination of having underdevelopment of the lower jaw and recessed chin. If you want to have a perfect bite, which will help your TMJ condition, you would benefit from mandibular advancement. Otherwise a chin implant would improve your profile. I prefer to perform this operation through intra-oral approach which will not leave any scar. This is relatively a simpler operation. Posting your photograph would be more helpful for better assessment.  

Chin implant to improve the jawline

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Start off with just the chin implant and see if that works for you.  Doing both implants may be too much of a structural change for your face that might be hard to get used to.  The chin implant can be done under local anesthesia.  The chin implant will have no bearing on your TMJ or the  occlussion of your teeth. 

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