CO2 Active FX Laser for Dark Circles and Broken Capillaries?

As a Child I Rubbed my Eyes Which Caused Dark Circles and Broken Capillaries. Would CO 2 Active FX Laser Be the Best Treatment?

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Active FX for dark circles.

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In my opinion, dark circles that are caused by pigment or vascular issues are difficult to treat with the CO2 laser.  Occasionally, you mey get some improvement in the thickness of the skin, which will in turn mask the underlying issues.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

CO2 Active FX Laser for Dark Circles and Broken Capillaries?

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Thank you for your question. Active FX would not do much for this problem. I prefer V-Beam for this problem.  Active FX will help lines and wrinkles, not vascular problems. I hope this helps!

ActiveFX for dark under-eye circles

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ActiveFX CO2 laser resurfacing may be a beneficial treatment to improve dark under-eye circles.

Your physician would need to examine and discuss your treatment options with you, depending on what the cause of the darkening appears to be. You may want to try topical lightening agents first to see if they help. They would serve two purposes. First it would confirm a primary pigmentary cause to the dark look to your under-eye area. Secondly, if it yields positive results, the lightening agent would serve as pre-treatment for your ActiveFX resurfacing treatment.

Prominent/"broken" capillaries are not improved with the CO2 fractional resurfacing treatment. For capillaries, you'll need Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. At SkinMD, we routinely pair the CO2 fractional resurfacing treatment with IPL for optimal results.

Good Luck!

Active Fx for under eye dark circles may be helpful.

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CO2 Active Fx Laser resurfacing can be very helpful for dark circles under the eyes depending on the cause.  If there is excess pigment and wrinkling then, yes you may see improvement.  I would also suggest to may patients that they use some topical anti- pigment creams (such as hydroquinone) to help reduce the pigment.  For broken capillaries the ideal treatment is not CO2 but IPL, Intense Pulse Light  (sometimes called photofacial). It is not uncommon for us to combine treatments to obtain the very best result for any individual patient.

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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