What would enhance my features and make my face more feminine? (photos)

What would make my face look better, besides from –obviously– a rhinoplasty? Should I have fat removed from my cheeks and a chin implant (that's longer horizontally looking from the profile, not vertically looking from the front making my face longer)

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Facial Feminization

I think your observations are correct. Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and buccal lipectomies collectively would be an asset to your face. Have some computer imaging done to see how these type of facial changes look to you.

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Rhinoplasty and chin implant for a more balanced attractive and feminine face.

Facial feminization  would involve a rhinoplasty and chin implant to give you a more balanced attractive and feminine appearance. Choose a very experienced surgeon who does natural looking surgery without the overdone look.   

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What would enhance my features and make my face more feminine?

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