4 days out from BA and I have this awful burning/stinging pain.

every time I move my arm or chest muscle I get a burning/stinging sensation on the side of my breast by my armpit. I get it on both sides but the left side is far worse and a little bit more swollen. I am still early in the recovery stage so I'm sure it's normal but I thought I would just get some insight as to when that burning pain will start to subside. My husband literally has to help lift me to my feet when I am laying down or sitting. And he goes back to work Monday. Thank you!

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Burning and stinging pains

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will improve with time as they should have since you posted this 4 days ago.  Pains are common with augmentation but the rule is that they show up and then start subsiding with time.  Always let your surgeon know of your concerns so you can get the reassurances that you need and follow his/her instructions as they share your goal to have the best outcome possible.

Breast Augmentation burning pain

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Hi Spoliquin,

Thanks for your question. It is normal to have this type of discomfort after surgery. The implants stretch the nerves which can lead to the type of issues to have. I recommend massage over the region where you are having this discomfort. IT should start to improve over the next several weeks. If the issue continues to linger, I would see your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

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Burning pain after breast augmentation

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Everyone recovers at a slightly different pace, but in my experience there is a marked improvement sometime in the 5-7 day time period. I recommend that my patients use small ice packs in their surgical bras tucked into the side- 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off (and never put ice directly on bare skin). Every surgeon has a slightly different protocol- I would recommend checking in with yours for specific recommendations. Congratulations and best of luck. -Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
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Burning pain

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Thank you for your recent question! Congratulations on your recent breast augmentation surgery.  This early post op surgery you can have burning stinging pain.  If either one of the breasts become larger than the other this requires you to contact your surgeon right away.  I would just touch base with your plastic surgeon now to inform them what you are experiencing . Best of luck!

Four Days Post Op

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You are right that shortly after surgery- this kind of discomfort can be very normal, however in my experience, the worst pain and swelling typically begin to subside by day 4-5. I recommend that you let your Plastic Surgeon know if you have ongoing concerns, but you can probably expect to start feeling a bit better daily.

All the best

4 days out from BA and I have this awful burning/stinging pain.

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Thank you for your question. You are still early in the post-op course, so this type of sensation can be normal. When a larger implant is placed beneath the breast tissue, there is significant stretching of the tissue and this can include the nerves. The nerve irritation can lead to the types of symptoms you are noting. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon. It will likely resolve with time and not require treatment.

Best of luck!

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