Chicken Pox Scar Between Eyes?

I have one small indented scar from when I had chicken pox about 12 years ago. It used to not be very noticeable, but I have noticed that it is getting deeper as I get older. My dermatologist reccomended that I do a series of glycolic peels, with 30% on the rest of my face, and 70% in between my eyes where the scar is. I'm on my second peel, and haven't noticed any difference. The estetician said I should try laser genesis, but I'm worried about the price of it. What are my options and prices?

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Scar revision for a chicken pox scar

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The most optimal treatment is scar excision and layered closure of the chicken pox scar to remove it altogether. 


I would perform this procedure under local anesthesia. 

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