I Had a Herniated Muscle in my Neck. The Doctor Thought It Was a Lymph Node and Removed the Lymph Node? (photo)

The lymph node was removed I still had the same bump that would protrude from under my neck. I went to a different doctor and was told that it was a herniated muscle. He sewed the muscle to the bone and I was fine for years. Ten years later my skin under my chin is sagging from the work that was done. I had a plastic surgeon try to repair it and he basically gave me a mini neck and face lift. Now I have terrible scars in front of my ears and the skin is still sagging under chin.What can be done

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Neck lift concerns

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It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing more pictures – you should consider posting more images showing your areas of concern

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Submandibular gland ptosis??

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It is somewhat difficult to see what you concern is from your photographs. I do see a fold of skin in the area of the submandibular gland. This could represent submandibular gland ptosis. The condition is diagnosed with an examination and CT scan or MRI of the face/ neck. If this not the case and the area represents may just represent redundant ski. Careful treatment with radiofrequency to the skin like Thermage may be beneficial. Consider getting copies of your operative reports and seek consultation with a plastic surgeon familiar with submandibular gland ptosis correction. Best,


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I Had a Herniated Muscle in my Neck. The Doctor Thought It Was a Lymph Node and Removed the Lymph Node?

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Sorry to say your posted photos NO HELP! Either re posted better photos or seek IN PERSON evaluations in Chicago from boarded PSs 

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