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Hello, I live in Springfield Il and I am looking for a good Tummy Tuck doctor either in Chicago or the south burbs of Chicago. Any suggestions?

I also want to know how soon after the first appt can the surgery be scheduled. Can I pay for the surgery on the first visit since I already have the money? I have RH negative blood type, would that be a problem?

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Make sure you like before and after pictures and doctor's credentials

Although tummy tuck is a popular plastic surgery procedure really nice results are not easy to achieve and many patients are left with partial corrections. Proper procedure should combine skin excision and muscle tightening with pretty aggressive liposuction . Only this combination will give you outstanding results. But to be safe and predictable it has to be performed by an experienced surgeon. That is why it is worth to research your options and if necessary travel a distance once you find a surgeon you can trust. In our practice we are well set up to help of out of town patients

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Chicago area plastic surgeon

I think you will have many excellent surgeons to choose from in the Chicago area. First make sure they are board certified, have plastic surgery priviliges at a local well respected hospital. Also, just as important is the confidence and trust you build with your surgeon during the preoperative visits - one visit with the surgeon is not enough. Asking all your questions and getting a realistic view of the recovery and outcome for a tummy tuck is important. Make the fee be your last criteria for choosing a surgeon. Follow-up care is crucial and you want to have a good rapport with your surgeon. Ask to see if you can speak with previous patients to help you understand the entire surgical process from a patient's point of view. Understanding the trade-offs is key in being happy after surgery. Your blood type should not be an issue as bleeding is very well controlled. Depending on your flexibility for a surgical date surgery can be usually scheduled within 2wks after the initial consultation. Timing for payment is completely up to you prior to surgery. Finances are the last consideration. First have to make sure you are a candidate for the surgery and also have to choose the surgeon that fits you the best. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact my office and you can visit our website at for more information on me and the surgery.

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Hinsdale/Oak Brook Area

In choosing a surgeon, look for experience, photos of results, and a trusting relationship. He/she should be able to examine you and give you a realistic goal in comparison with your expectations. You should be made aware of possible side effects/complications. Although rare, your surgeon should be able to guide you through any post op problems to achieve you best result.

Surgery in my office can usually be scheduled in several days. You can pay at the time of your visit if you like. Your Rh factor would not be an issue since transfusions are rare. Please call my office if you have any questions.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
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