Otoplasty Stitches 1 week After? (photo)

I have otoplasty done 7 days ago. My ears are coming along well and healing. As you can see from this picture, i have stitches in the folds ( the folds has to be created) on both sides. Is that a normal technique? Will these stitches come out and if so, will the fold unfold and go back to being sticking out?

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External Stitches Otoplasty

As a Professor at the University of Toronto, using external sutures is very unusual. We never teach this. How long did your surgeon state the sutures would stay. Most surgeon would place internal sutures to re-create the anti-helical fold and have no external sutures. Was there an incision made behind your ear?


David Ellis 

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Otoplasty sutures

There are different methods for performing otoplasty surgery.  Personally, I do not use the type of external sutures that you have from your procedure.  This does not mean that your procedure was done wrong, it is just a difference in technique.  Your sutures will need to be removed.  I am uncertain as to what exactly was done in your particular surgery, but normally, there are sutures placed into the cartilage to hold the the fold in place and these are permanent sutures that are under the skin and not removed.  If these other type of sutures were used in your case, the fold should hold in place.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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