Worried something is wrong with Breast lift with implant? (Photos)

I had a breast lift with 295cc silicone implant 5 weeks ago when they first couple of week they were nice and round and up around the 4 week I noticed the breast shape changed the implant looks higher up and my breast looks a little saggy on bottom and the shape is more square then round I'm worried that something is wrong why did my breast drop so much

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Breast lift results

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Based on your photographs, it appears that you have achieved a good result. Its normal for your implants to soften and settle after surgery and its likely you will continue to see further changes over the coming weeks.  Be patient.  If you continue to have concerns, discuss them with your surgeon.

Worried something is wrong with Breast lift with implant?

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It looks like a good result and you are having normal changes as the breasts find their normal position. 

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