Weight retention and breast augmentation?

Hello I am 5 days post op BA and I am still carrying my excess water weight from the surgery. I am drinking a ton of water. I was up exactly 12 pounds the day after and have only shed 2 of it. So I'm literally 10 pounds heavier than before surgery. Is this possible and is there any way I can get rid of it faster? I stopped taking pain meds day 3 and just started my regular bowl movements so I should be down right? I look like there is a 3 year old in my belly and it is not attractive.

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Fluid Retention Post op


Typically, regular activity and discontinuing pain medication along with plenty of fluids and fibre will help to restore regular elimination. Sometimes taking post op antibiotics can also contribute to a feeling of bloating.

You should expect to feel back to normal soon.

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Weight Retention an Breast Augmentation

It can take a few days for your body to normalize after surgery.  Continue with your normal fluid intake, and notify your surgeon if you are not better in a couple of days.

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Weight retention and breast augmentation?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. Water retention is quite normal after surgery; it is the way our bodies respond to a stressor. You will find that this will "normalize' over the course of the next week. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very happy with.

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Weight retention and breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question. Each patient's body will retain water differently after surgery and this weight gain is only temporary.  As your healing progresses and your body realizes that they "injury" of surgery has resolved, it will slowly shed this excess fluid.  Additionally as your bowel function has returned to normal you should see improvement in bloating and further weight loss.  Allow yourself at least another week to heal, but discuss this with your surgeon as they can provide further reassurance.

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Weight gain after Breast Augmentation surgery, when will it go away?

Hi livB,

Thanks for your question. Water retention is common after surgery depending on the type of anesthesia that was used. Sometimes the bladder slows down and colon stops moving things and thus stool backs up. Once bowel movements become regular the weight should come off. Sometimes if my patient are uncomfortable with excess water in the legs, a diuretic can help remove the water faster but this is an aggressive way to handle the problem. Be patient and know that your body with adjust itself. Good Luck!

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OK to normalize

The body reacts to the trauma of surgery with water retention.
At five days out is OK to go to your normal water intake and allow your body to normalize.

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Fluid retention

Many people retain fluid or "water weight" after surgery and as long as you do not have swelling of significance in your legs, shortness of breath or a known heart condition, these symptoms should be self limited.  The abdominal distention you describe is likely related to the narcotics as you surmised and it should resolve in the next few days as well now that you are no longer taking them. 

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Water retention after surgery

After surgery, your body gives through a normal "stress response".  This is a combination of metabolic and hormonal changes in reaction to your surgery.  One of these predictable effects is the retention of fluids and weight gain.  The exact amount varies for each person.  The good news is that the body will return to its normal state, but the bad news is it may take some more time.  Patience is the key here.  Anything That interferes with this normal response is not good for you.  If the amount of water weight increases or there is concern you should speak with your surgeon.

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Weight retention and breast augmentation

Thank you for the question, for now it is normal you need some time and also important to consult your Surgeon.
result of the breast augmentation is considered permanent afterthree
It is recommended to wash the breasts only after the wound is healed.
If the breast skin is dry after the surgery, you can apply hydrating
creme several times a day. Be careful not to tighten the skin while
doing any specific movements and avoid contact with the stitched

relaxed and quiet during the
first week.
Have someone help you with the house and kids for the first
few days.

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Surgery and water retention

It is common to gain weight after surgery due to water retention. It can take a few months for your weight to stablilize.

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