How soon can I wait to revise a C-section scar? How does this procedure differ from a mini-tummy tuck, or does it?

I'm 2 mo. post C-section. Scar is fine on one side, indented on the other. Belly hangs down further on the indented side for a lopsided appearance. Occasional pulling sensation. Ouch! My doc said something about scar tissue formation and suggested a plastic surgeon. Could a PS correct the scar? How? How long do I need to wait? I am fit & slim, but I expect an unsightly shelf even after I lose all the weight and resume ab work. Could correcting the scar help? Is it synonymous w/ mini tummy tuck?

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Scar revision vs mini tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question. My best advice for now is to concentrate on your new baby and on showing him or her what a fit and healthy lifestyle is all about. As time goes by and the baby weight falls off, you can always reassess the scar. Biggest question is, "Are you finished having children?" if not, I would wait until after you have completed your family before entertaining the idea of any surgery. IF you are finished, I would recommend waiting 8-12 months to see how the scar matures. If you end up with a "Shelf" that is typically because the layers of tissue were closed inappropriately. This may be remedied with a scar revision or as part of a mini or full tummy tuck, whichever is most appropriate. When the time is right, consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your are, (There are many good ones) and consider all the options available to your.Good Luck,

Scar revision vs TT after C-section

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Waiting a period of atleast 6 months would be reasonable to then seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding a scar revision or mini tummy tuck. IF you plan to have more kids, might not even want to address it at this time until you are done having children.

Scar Revision

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Thank you for your question .You have to wait 6 months - 1 year for having a revision of your scar.

Rafael Lluberes Freites, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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C section

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You will probably need to wait about 5-6 months before considering a mini-tummy tuck or tummy tuck or revision. With excess skin, you will probably need a tuck. If you plan to have more children, please wait until after the last child.

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