Venus Freeze for thinner, smoother thighs?

I have really bad cellulite on my thighs and I used to get the Velashape treatment. I received pretty good results from that but am having a hard time finding clinics in my area since American Laster Skincare went under. Do you think Venus Freeze can give me successful results for my cellulite? If so how many treatments would you recommend and would I have to get continual touch ups?

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Venus Legacy/Venus Freeze

Venus Legacy offers the SculptFX treatment which reduces the circumference and smooths cellulite for a tighter, smoother leg.The treatments deliver multipolar radio frequency and magnetic pulse therapy to produce a uniform heat matrix.The resulting benefit of the treatments for cellulite is due to multiple closely interrelated factors including an increase in blood flow, induction of new healthy collagen and limited lipolysis of fat cells. Ultimately, a reduction in the appearance of cellulite can be achieved.  A series of treatments is required to achieve best results. I recommend a consultation with a qualified provider to answer any questions you may have.

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Venus Freeze for thighs

Venus Freeze is far superior to Velashape so if you had good results with that, then I'd think you'd be great with Venus. Personally for cellulite I prefer Venus Legacy, which is the Venus Freeze technology but also combines suction which works better on fat and cellulite because it allows the radio frequency to go in deeper and from different angles. You need 8 treatments weekly initially for the body and then maintenance treatments, which would be up to you to decide how often. Some people like to come in often, like monthly, others prefer quarterly and feel that's enough to maintain their results.

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The Venus Freeze, and the new Venus Legacy, which is more powerful

Thanks for your question and thanks for including the photos as well. You have many options that are
available for you at this time and the most important thing to me is that you find a reputable provider in
your area, which there are many, and that the person is a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon
that understands lasers and light and cellulite treatments in general. The Venus Freeze, and the new
Venus Legacy, which is more powerful and uses suction, is a great option for cellulite. As well, the new
VelaShape III and others such as the EndyMed 3Deep, the PelleFirm by Ellman, the BTL Exilis, and others
are all able to treat cellulite. A series of treatments are needed and this will improve the appearance of
cellulite in the treated areas. We all know that some form of maintenance is also needed but no-one has
yet determined what that maintenance is – whether you need to go back in six months or one year or
when. Most would say that you return when you begin to notice a recurrence or new areas of cellulite –
but very good treatments are available and it is important to find the right provider to assure that you are
getting the very best care out there.

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