How many veneers do I need to close this diastema? (Photo)

Looking to get some cosmetic work done in the near future can I do, 2 or 4 or more will be needed?

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How Many Veneers to Close Space?

Two veneers can close the space but the front teeth may appear larger than you like.  This can be fixed by leaving small space inplace of large.  A minmal amount of mesial movement could better distribute space and make for a beautiful four veneer  case with minimal tooth preperation or 4 veneers with more invasive preparation.  A composite mock-up would allow you to see results of two teeth prior to making  decision.  Your narrow posterior makes you an excellent candidate for a DNA Appliance to create a full wide smile.
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Closing diastema

At a minimum you should do 4 veneers. If you only do 2 you will have 2 very oversized teeth that will be unattractive.

Closing gap with #veneers #DrSoftTouch

Hello there,
It appears that veneers would be a great option for you. For most cases, I recommend veneering four or more teeth, not just two. Closing your gap with only two veneers would result in those teeth looking much larger than the adjacent teeth. I would recommend doing research online to select an experienced cosmetic dentist that really knows what they are doing. The best indicator to determine if the dentist is going to give you results that you'll be smiling about, is by viewing before and after photos of his/her patients that have undergone similar or the same procedures. I"ll link a before and after photo of a patient of mine who's diastema was completely corrected with porcelain veneers.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Closing diastema with veneers

With only two veneers you can solve your diastema,  with a little preparation you can get all them at the same height and get a more armonized smile. It will depend on veneers preparation and expertise of the doctor, If you opt for non preparation veneers if will make your two central teeth look really big. You case its perfect, you should get it fixed without problems.

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