Upper belly bulge after Tummy Tuck... 17 months later. Need advice. (photos)

Had a TT 1yr and half ago. I still have this bulge on top. Didn't even have prior to surgery. Doc said it will go away in the beginning. Never did. She even lipo area. Still nothing. I'm convinced MR wasn't done all the way up or it came a loose. My stomach don't look even(see pic). Can this be flatten with exercise? I hate this look. I can't wear tight fitting tops without seeing this bulge. The bulge also is a bit hard compared to other parts of belly. Is revision the only option?

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A study like an MRI might be able to determine if you have a pseudobursa in the upper abdomen.  Weakness of the abdominal wall may be a possibility as well.

A bulge in the upper tummy after previous tummy Tuck.

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  The  most likely issue is that your muscle might have come apart after the repair.  The second possible answer is a fluid collection that we call seroma.  A seroma can be resolved by putting a needle into it and removing the fluid or removal of the seroma surgically.  If the seroma recurs, putting a sclerosing agent that burns the sack lining and prevents the sac from reforming can be performed.  The best way to tell the difference is in an ultrasound.  That will tell you whether this is muscle versus fluid.

Upper belly bulge after Tummy Tuck... 17 months later. Need advice.

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after tummy tuck surgery. As you likely know, physical examination would be necessary to provide you with accurate diagnosis and advice. Based on your good description of history and of your physical examination, it is likely that the "bulge" is related to  abdominal wall laxity in that area.  If this is the case, then revisionary surgery will be necessary to improve the outcome. I do not think that exercise alone will suffice.

 Again, best to follow through plastic surgery for more precise information. Best wishes.

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