Uneven smile months after primary rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty nearly 9 months ago and my smile looks horrible. There was an alar base reduction and tip work performed. I fear that my smile of off due to the alar base reduction and hard stiff graft in my tip. One side of my lip hangs low and the other side goes high and gummy when I smile. What can I do to fix this?? Can muscles be reattached? Will removing or lessening the graft help? at a loss. My surgeon is dismissve to my concerns.

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Uneven smile

It is hard to imagine that this could happen from a rhinoplasty even with an alar base reduction

If you can post pre and post op photos smiling and not smiling/in repose for comparison I can give better advice and assess hoe even your smile was before - 95% of the population have significant facial asymmetry they are not aware of including a tilted/uneven smileĀ 

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