Do I have tuberous breasts? If not, could I realistically achieve breasts like the ones in the photos? (photo)

Hello :) Do I have tuberous breast? If I do not, do I have a realistic expectation of achieving breasts like the ones in the last two photos? I would most like get 375-402 round silicone moderate profile implants under the muscle. But id be open to other suggestions to achieve that look. Would fat graphic or placement over the muscle help? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for reaching out, you do not seem to have tuberous breast, but an in person consultation would allow a surgeon to measure you and go over realistic end result expectations, from your photos, you should get a stellar result! Best of luck. Dr. Kim

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous breasts and breast augmentation with silicone implants

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Tuberous breasts are where the breast is constricted around the areolar rim and the breast herniates through. There are all different degrees of tuberous breasts.  Most women do not have tuberous breasts but have a little constriction in the base of the breast instead of the areola, as seen in the first photo. It is also normal to have some preoperative asymmetry and the breasts will still be somewhat asymmetric after surgery.  Breast augmentation should be fairly straight forward in these types of situations with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

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Thank you for your question and photos. No, you do not appear to have tuberous breasts but a slightly short distance from nipple to fold, which is common. You should expect lovely results from a standard breast augmentation.

Be sure to seek a board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in this procedure.

All the best

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Tuberous breasts?

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After reviewing your photos, it does not look like tuberous breast but you do have asymmetry. You would have a good result with an augmentation but a full exam will need to be done to decide if the inframammary folds need to be adjusted or just more volume. I think to get close top the results you have shown, you may need more volume added than 375. I suggest you seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the realistic possibilities with your breasts.

W. John Bull, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have tuberous breasts?

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Based upon your photos you do not appear to have tuberous breasts, and should get a nice result from breast augmentation.  Many different implant options are available, but to get the best long-term result, the implant used needs to be correctly matched to the individual patient.  I recommend that you consult with board-certified plastic surgeons experienced at breast augmentation.  Following discussion of your desired post-operative appearance and a physical exam, the surgeon will be able to help you select an implant (size and style) that will achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

Craig S. Rock, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation

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Hi and thank you for your photos and pictures.  You do not appear to have tuberous breasts form your photos. You do appear to have slightly asymmetric breasts (as does every woman) but overall, a quite nice shape.  You should expect a lovely result from a breast augmentation and your "wish" pics are reasonable.  As for size of implants and placement, best to meet with a plastic surgeon in person who can examine you, take measurements and discuss your options in detail.  One cannot determine size of implants from pictures alone.  Height, weight, quality of skin and breast tissue as well as breast measurements need to be taken into consideration.  Best of Luck!

Do I have tuberous breasts?

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The easy part of your question is no, you do not have a tuberous breast though the breast is tight in the lower portion and breast fold. The correct implant size depends on your goal and natural breast tissue. Afterward you will notice an increase in the distance from the breast fold to the nipple as in your goal photo. Consultation is important to find an implant to fit within the breast, give you enough fill, and avoid a double bubble.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have tuberous breasts?

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Thank you for your questions.  You do not have tuberous breasts but It appears you do have a slight degree of breast asymmetry.  It is difficult to determine without an in-person examination whether your postoperative result would be similar to those you provided in the photos, but I believe he would achieve a very nice result regardless.  To be sure, I recommend consulting with one or more board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options.

Tuberous Breasts?

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Thank you for your question.  It doesn't appear as though your breasts meet the classic definition of "tuberous".  Regarding the actual sizing and proper implant position, an in-person consultation with careful breast measurements would be necessary.  Some surgeons also have 3D computer simulation to help you visualize your "new look" with a variety of implants (we have the Vectra).


Dr. Dan Krochmal

MAE Plastic Surgery

Northbrook, IL

Daniel Krochmal, MD
Chicago General Surgeon

Breast augmentation

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Hello and thank you for your question. You are a great candidate for a breast augmentation.  The size, profile, and shape of the implant is based on your desired breast size/shape, your chest wall measurements, and soft tissue quality.  This decision should be based on a detailed discussion with equal input from both you and your surgeon.  This entire surgery can be performed with a small incision technique.  Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and evaluate their results.   The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Richard G. Reish, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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