Is trusculpt the best thing out there to tighten minimal leg and under arm loose skin?

I'm 47. 5'9 160 lbs. wkout 5 days a week. The tightening needed is fairly minimal. I have decent elasticity to skin. Want firming above knees to upper thighs and underarm area.

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Is trusculpt the best thing out there to tighten minimal leg and under arm loose skin?

Trusculpt is great for skin tightening and many patients are satisfied with their results. On the other hand, there is percentage of people who are not satisfied with trusculpt results. Besides skin tightening it melts fat cells. Besides Trusculpt there are other non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments such as lasers and Profound RF. You can compare heir reviews and satisfaction rate on Good luck.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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TruSculpt Treatments for Body Sculpting

TruSculpt is the latest non-invasive device that has been clinically proven to target
problem areas of fat on the body and under the chin that have been resistant to
diet and exercise. TruSculpt isan energy-based device that delivers controlled heat into the deep subcutaneous layers of the tissueat the same time that radio frequency targetsthe fat to destroy, firm and smooth the surrounding area.

You asked a good question!  Treating areas such as the inner, upper thighs and upper arms that have few other alternatives to surgery, are great options for the truSculpt treatments.  The fact that the treated area is tightened at the same time , minimizes adding other adjunct devices such as VelaShape.

Ronald Moser, MD
San Juan Capistrano Physician
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